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The Team

Seth A. Hyman

President & CEO

Seth Hyman has spent the last three decades as a serial entrepreneur building his own sales and marketing companies. His understanding and support of the campaign to legalize medical marijuana and hemp are rooted in his personal experiences.

Scott Levin, MD

Vice President of Clinical Applications

Scott Levin, MD, joined Hempagenix™ in 2019 as vice president of clinical applications, intrigued by the idea of providing a hemp-based, over-the-counter solution for both acute and chronic pain. As the head of Hempagenix’s™ clinical division, he oversees a vast multitude of clinical applications for the company’s products, including Cannanumb™.

Gerald N. Robinson, MD, FACS

Director of Research & Development

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Gerald Robinson, MD, FACS, completed his training in general and vascular surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and entered private practice in general and vascular surgery in Boca Raton, FL.

Bruce S. Rosenwater, Esq.

General Counsel

Attorney Bruce S. Rosenwater is a veteran attorney, having assisted Floridians with legal issues for more than 20 years. Developing his law firm as a “law firm for life,” his practice areas span most, if not all, of an individual’s and a family’s lifetime legal needs.

Melissa J. Hyman

Director of Affiliate Relations
Brand Development

From a very early age, Melissa Hyman understood the importance of advocating for others. Her sister, Rebecca, who was the impetus for Hempagenix™, suffers from many medical issues and Melissa has always been by her side and has helped tremendously not only with her care but also in spreading awareness about epilepsy. Melissa was also on the front lines with her father, Seth, as he lobbied Tallahassee legislators for the passage of the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.